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Fishook #052 up on eBay
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Author:  Don Fera [ Sat Oct 13, 2012 4:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Fishook #052 up on eBay

It probably isn't kosher to post a link to an eBay auction, so I won't... but searching for Fishook Resonator or words to that effect will bring it up in short order. Sad to do it... really am. It is a thing of beauty to say the least. My apologies JD (if you happen to read this). I have held this guitar back while fighting a Mortgage holding action for months and months. I have parted with several luthier built guitars, endless electronics, a Martin D41DF, 4 or 5 high end Taylors, a 76' Ramirez 1A, and a lot of sets of tonewood. Not to mention, two cars, a 65" LCD TV... the list goes on. Anyway, I only say that to let you know JD that I really tried to hold on to this beauty, but unless some rich relative dies that I don't even know about, the end of the road has come. No pity necessary, it has been fun much of the time and will be again! Of that, I am sure... in the meantime though, one has to do what one must do to keep on living in this hard edged world.

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