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From blueprint to molds Bondo technique
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Author:  Robert Renick [ Wed Feb 03, 2010 9:19 pm ]
Post subject:  From blueprint to molds Bondo technique

Bondo is a bit like smoking cigarettes, I hate it, but for some reason it keeps calling me back, and I keep coming. It has uses in making negatives of a pattern, as I will demo in these pictures. I have a woodmaster molder, and have run many custom profiles. I would use Bondo to make a negative and create a custom sanding block. I would also use it to make the custom profile from an original molding, I could tape off a molding and apply Bondo and be able to order an accurate knife from the Bondo template. I also use Bondo to repair templates when they get the occasional blip in them, or to get a second try if I go too far sanding.

This is a method, Todd and Chris have great tutorials on the topic of making molds, and I recommend them as having advantages over this method. Time wise for most, the second template that I am making with Bondo, can be done more quickly with a washer, a pencil and a spindle sander as in Todd's tutorial.

So my Bondo technique from drawing to molds. I did not take these pictures as I worked, rather when I was done, so the pictures are recreations, not live action shots. Bondo may not have a place on the actual guitars, but it does have some uses in the shop.
Robert Renick

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