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Bridge making jig/process
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Author:  Nils [ Tue Aug 23, 2016 7:26 am ]
Post subject:  Bridge making jig/process

Slide 1.) Template and blank.
Slide 2.) Template bolted through blank and bottom of adjustable bed on routing jig. Note the cutter used in the upper right of slide.
This jig is basically a frame that has an adjustable bed. You adjust the height with the four bolts on the edge, which makes it so the router registers to the template at 90 degrees.
Slide 3.) Pilot holes drilled from same template.
Slide 3.) Brad point bit to finish the holes. (3/16)
slide 5.) Fit bridge to top by sliding over some coarse sandpaper.
Slide 6.) It's then slotted on the drill press by being clamped to an angled fence on a table on drawer sliders.
Slide 7.) Shape it up, etc.
Slide 8.) Done!


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