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Working on a Taylor SB1 selector switch missing screw
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Author:  Wes Paul [ Tue Dec 06, 2022 7:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Working on a Taylor SB1 selector switch missing screw

I have a taylor sb1 in the shop here.

These where discontinued and the selector switch is a proprietary one you can find replacements for.

A lot of people are just cutting off the plugs and rewiring the guitar to a different type of switch which changes the selector settings. I talked to a taylor rep who sent a pdf on how the take it apart and clean the sweep.

When I took it apart the sweep was fine but the switch is missing a special screw on the back that looks like it holds the thing in place and thats why the switch felt loose and was crackling.

Im wondering if anyone has replaced this switch and still has it laying around or has found a replacement option for that screw?

Author:  Mike_P [ Wed Dec 21, 2022 10:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Working on a Taylor SB1 selector switch missing screw

made by Schaller...has the same screw as some images floating around of their megaswitches...point being I would think Schaller could supply the screw or worst case you could buy a version that shows use of that screw and move the screw over to the SBI switch...I would be very surprised if Schaller used a different type of screw for various switches as opposed to using a like screw for all of them

worst case I guess you could figure out the thread pattern (I'm betting metric) and use a pan head screw with the same threading with a washer (I note there is a washer/gasket/whatever as part of the assembly)...that might not be a go as I notice the head of that screw is definitely a specialty one being it is super thin and has a hex pattern.

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