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Painting a stinger on a 1952 Gretsch Electro 2
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Author:  Toxophilite [ Fri Jun 22, 2018 1:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Painting a stinger on a 1952 Gretsch Electro 2

I have this 1952 Gretsch Electro 2 (I reset the neck in another thread)

At some point in it's life, years prior to my acquiring it it had been refinished rather roughly from a sunburst into a blonde.
I tidied up that finish so it looked half decent(wet sanding and buffing) and now want to paint the black stinger on the back of the headstock that pretty well all early 50s vintage Blonde Gretsch (and often Gibson) have.

Obviously I don't know exactly what the guitar was finished with but it seems on the soft side, maybe an acrylic laquer? I can mark it quite easily with my fingernail,

I have a couple of choices on hand.
- Mohawk black gloss nitro
- Dupli-color gloss black acrylic lacquer

Any sugesstions?
I've heard that the duplicolour doesn't always cure well
However the clear nitro I used to tidy up a bit around the neck join seems to eat into the existing finish(as nitro does to itself.)
This made me wonder if a black overlay would end up fuzzy at the edges if it was melting into the original finish
I tempted to go the perhaps easier Dupli-color route.
Though I have used and enjoy the nitro look etc.

Author:  B. Howard [ Sat Jun 23, 2018 5:39 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Painting a stinger on a 1952 Gretsch Electro 2

Both of those will react very similar with the existing finish. The min difference between the two is that the mohawk is more of an undercoat and should have a clear over it while the duplicolor is a direct gloss and could be left without clear coat.

Fuzzy edges will be determined by your prep work and how well you tape it off.

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